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hooked_on_smee's Journal

The Hook/Smee Community
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This a community for people who enjoy the pairing of Hook and Smee from the "Peter Pan" universe -- be it the original play/novel, the 1954 musical, the Disney film, the "Jason Issacs version of sexiness" or "Hook".

This is a slash related community. Flames will not be tolereated. It is expected that everyone get along and enjoy the Hook/Smee loveliness.

We are not anti-Hook/Pan (we just prefer Hook with Smee), so please don't join just to make ridiculous comments in that direction. Your post will be deleted. No one will like you.

Fanfiction and fanart are highly encouraged, as is simple discussion of the characters. Icons, wallpapers and other computer related works are also accepted and loved upon.

Please rate your submissions truthfully. Use an LJ-cut when posting something long or image heavy. We all know the rules. If these simple rules become a problem, I'll have to moderate posts and no one wants that.